Group Hotels manages hotels on and off the island of Crete. The portfolio includes a historic hotel, the Gouves Bay Hotel, a Suite Hotel the Malena Hotel and a private hotel the Georgia Hotel, an elegant Georgias Garden restaurant and wine bar in the bustling area of Amoudara in Heraklion, the capital of Crete, and soon and one of the most beautiful restaurants in Heraklion.

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Group Hotels always strives to expand its collection and is therefore always on the lookout for new, relevant opportunities and developments.

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Group Hotels' financial team has combined funding based on statistics and reporting. The combination of these methods has led to an effective financial supply.

The company constantly learns and develops with the information of today's tourism industry. He believes in empowering hotel-level knowledge and staff to understand the financial consequences of any action taken. Group Hotels' offer is complete and continuous and is a key prerequisite for building a successful business.

Group Hotels' financial offer:
- Summary of the main points
- Monthly income statement
- Monthly balance sheet
- Monthly consolidated income statement
- Comparative reports on a competitive market
- Annual budget preparation and circular
- Personnel cost analysis
- Key Performance Indicators
- Cash flow management
- Check spending at the end of the month
- Keeping debtors books
- Examination of monthly debtors
- Supervision and mediation of suppliers (price negotiation)
- Banking Payment Authority
- Annual audit instructions
- Training of hotel staff

Group Hotels' HR (HR) department provides guidance and assistance on any form of staffing in any of its portfolio properties. The company's detailed approach in this area stems from years of working with people who have a sense of unity and pride among staff members. The professional and well-trained staff strives to maintain a high level of staff morale for the benefit of everyone and the larger Group Hotels team.

Leadership development
- Procedures for building high performance
- Performance management
- Contract and information management
- Education and development

Revenue management helps to predict consumer demand to optimize stock and price availability in order to maximize revenue growth. Group Hotels gathers information on the tourism market so that hotel owners and managers can act and use this information to tailor their products and ensure they reach the right customers at the right time and at the right price.

Monitoring of reservations
- Load values, packages, changes and admin where required
- Channel manager connection and training
- Training on updating third-party sites not linked to the Channel Manager
- Online Travel Agent Connection (OTA) (Existing and Additional)
- Connection to Global Distribution Systems (GDS)
- Compilation of annual price lists
- Completion of free sales contracts and updating foreclosure dates on a regular basis
- Training on the Best Available Rate (BAR) and promotions
- Create packages, offers, site specials, email badges, Google AdWords and newsletters
- Analysis of the current month and the next six-month numbers on jobs, percentages compared to the previous year and current targets

Group Hotels has a team of experts at the core of the business to handle all bookings for its hotels. This effective team is responsible for recording bookings in the appropriate system and communicating to the hotel concerned or submitting special events or requests. This allows for a smooth process and ensures that guests' accommodation is unforgettable.

The Operations department is driven by the immense experience of the Group Hotels team, which is the backbone of the company. For this reason, business management is a key element of the Group Hotels package. The management of its operations provides the basis from which all other activities are fed.

With a clear vision, Group Hotels leads targeted and effective sales campaigns on an ongoing basis. The dedicated sales team ensures the entire business, encouraging action. The excellent reputation and years of experience of the company support its efforts and support the success of its strategic sales. Group Hotels launches the network, with a targeted approach, ensuring local and international reach.

The marketup is Group Hotels' preferred partner for outsourcing marketing. Marketup is currently managing end-to-end marketing infrastructure. This includes the support and management of online sales, websites and social network accounts, as well as year-round support for visitors to the Internet. The marketup is also responsible for managing the group's budget and IT risks, as well as for the strategic roadmap of technology services for possible implementation in any of the properties they manage.

Marketup has a deep knowledge of marketing and is keeping up with the latest trends and developments. It has managed to grow its own brand within the hospitality industry, and it pours the same energy and passion into marketing every single property in its portfolio. Marketup illuminates the unique aspects of each unit, reaching the right target audience while maintaining a unified vision and a strong Brand presence.

- Website: Installation, Design, Development, Maintenance and Analysis
- Mobisite: Installation, design, development, maintenance and analysis
- Social Media: Installation, design, maintenance, applications, contests and advertising
- Google AdWords: Installation, Purchase, Management and Analysis
- Customer Relationship Management: Design, coding, distribution, database management, newsletter reports and analysis
- Design: Brochures, emails, brochures, banners, stationery, logos, emailers, kiosks, promotional messages, menus, packages, invitations, presentations etc.
- Content Management: Content creation, monthly and bi-monthly newsletters and educational blogs
- Public relations and media management: Commitment, media placements, commercial exchanges, educational media trips
- Others: Printing, marking, brand change, advertising, events and launches, corporate gifts, product procurement etc.